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Bucket Work

Are your trees dead? Compromised? Structurally unsafe? We've got just what the doctor ordered. Our 105' bucket truck is just one of the wrenches in our toolbox. 

WHY 105'?

Most bucket trucks are only 55' or 65' in CT. Most trees that may need attention in CT are 75' or more. If you take a 55' and cannot get right to the base of the tree, you lose height in the distance you have to travel to the tree.

Now you have even less footage to work with. When you get to the top, you have two options, get out and climb or take a huge risk cutting a massive piece. 


Not at Todd's Tree Service. Our double elevator 105' bucket truck was built with this exact mindset in mind. We don't chance safety and we don't make risky cuts. You can be confident knowing we can reach every single piece to handle your trees in the safest manner, even to the twigs on the top!

bucket 1.jpg
bucket 3.jpg
bucket 4.jpg

Most think "oh wow that must be heavy!"

The truck is heavy and we surely wouldn't just drive it over your lawn. Property damage is definitely not one of our specialties. We lay down crane mats to protect your yard from ruts and damage. This disperses the weight of the tires so when we are finished, there's almost no trace of us!

Check out our gallery and we'll show you, another reason why we are the best time and time again. 


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