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Assistance of a Crane

Cranes, as you know, make picking up heavy loads and placing them where you want, an easy task. Same goes for tree work. The use of a crane, where applicable, can speed up the process saving you time and money. Especially, on those big jobs!


The use of a crane can be handy in many circumstances. Sometimes in CT, you may find trees that won't handle dynamic loads that usual takedown methods require. The risk involved of possible wood or structure failure while a climber is in the tree, isn't even a option. This is where the crane comes into play. It takes the dynamic load out of the equation. 

The crane also comes in handy if your tree happens to be in a tight area. Flower beds, hardscapes, I've even seen structures built around trees. We can lift the tree in pieces to relocate to a bigger more feasible area for processing. This mitigates any chance of surrounding property and also creates a no impact job, start to finish. 

Holes and damaged landscape left behind is poor business. We strive to treat every property as our own so when we leave, your property will be just as good if not better!  

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