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Everyone has their story, mine started 16 years ago. 

When I was a young child, 12 years old actually, I had a local newspaper route in my neighborhood. I delivered these on my bike or with my mother to help with the house. It was a fun chore I enjoyed. One of my local deliveries was for an older gentleman James Margerelli, aka Elvis Tree Climber.


One day for fun, I decided to be a little mischievous. James was under his truck, an old dodge, preforming some repairs. I thought it'd be funny to throw the newspaper at him and hit him in the legs. It scared him and he bumped his head on the oil pan underneath. He came out from under the truck not as happy as I was. "When the **** are you going to get a real job." I replied with "what do you do?" He then explains how he is a master of his craft doing tree work. Coming from a family where my father also did tree work, I was intrigued. I told him I would start a "real job" as soon as he hired me. He said "be here tomorrow 7 am." 

This was the start of my career. I skipped school and went to work. It was the most gratifying feeling knowing I was on the way to being somebody. Unfortunately, my mother passed when I was 16 years old. I dropped out of school and buried myself into work even more as a cope. I learned everything I could and improved as a climber. By 18, I was THE climber. I was experienced and affluent enough to climb, rig, and take down any tree you threw at me.

While doing tree work, I attended night class and graduated with a high school diploma. Elvis soon thereafter wanted to go home, back where it all began for him in the Daytona area of Florida. I found the perfect opportunity to own my own business and that's where Todd's Tree Service began.


From the start, I have poured my heart and soul into providing customers with a well above satisfactory service. This is more than cookie cutter to me. This is my entire life and a legacy passed down. From start to finish, I make sure every job is completed thoroughly and safely. Ruts, holes, yard damage, and property damage, are not things I allow or will accept from me or my crew. Anyone I hire is trained the way I was, to make sure we have provided the best service possible. That's a motto and a goal I live by, to be a better service then anyone else, period. 





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